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 Hamzq •   about 1 year ago •  890

In Hypelands you will be able to create Turrets to guard your Base if you are offline if the turret spots an Enemy / Hostile animal it will start shooting if it has ammunition inside. 

Turrets will require some sort of Fuel / Electricity to function if there is no Fuel / Electricity the Turret wont function.

Turrets will be placeable At an claimed area with an claiming banner read more here .

This Turret Concept is still WIP...

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Claiming Banners
 Hamzq •   about 1 year ago •  802

Hypelands Claiming Banner

In Hypelands claiming land is different than other survival servers, When you want to claim land and make your base there you will have to place down a Claiming banner. Once you have placed down a claiming banner you will Claim an area of 10 blocks by 10 blocks. that's not everything that the claiming banner does so read more about claiming banners in this post.

Here is some More In-depth look into Claiming Land. In Hypelands you will be able to claim la...

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Welcome to The Hypelands Website
 Hamzq •   about 1 year ago •  1383

Welcome to the Hypelands Website.

Here you can view all the information about Hypelands and even Start Conversations with other members and also report Bugs, Players and you can also contact staff members here and Make friends with other members.

To be a Part of this Awesome community Join our Discord server.


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