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about 1 year ago

Hypelands Claiming Banner

In Hypelands claiming land is different than other survival servers, When you want to claim land and make your base there you will have to place down a Claiming banner. Once you have placed down a claiming banner you will Claim an area of 10 blocks by 10 blocks. that's not everything that the claiming banner does so read more about claiming banners in this post.

Here is some More In-depth look into Claiming Land. In Hypelands you will be able to claim land that is not claimed by someone else and also a Place where you are allowed to claim.

How to Claim land? How you claim land, how you claim land is by Placing down a Claiming banner. Once you have placed the Claiming banner you will get a 10x10 Area where all of the buildings you place in there is 70% harder to break by others.

How to Upgrade your land? To upgrade the 10x10 area you have to Upgrade your Claiming banner from level 1 to 2. Once it's at level 2 the claimed area will be 20x20 blocks. to upgrade it to a higher claimed area you just have to Upgrade your claiming banner to a higher level.

What is up-keep? Upkeep is something made so players that are inactive for a really long time that their bases start to decay after a while so new players can make their base at the place where the Inactive player was.

How to Prevent your base from getting decayed? to prevent decay you have to place Materials like wood stone metal and so on in your Claiming banner so your base doesn't decay. how lagers your Claimed area is how more you have to put into your Claiming banner to keep up with the Upkeep.

What happens if your claiming banner breaks? when your claiming banner breaks your base protection of 70% goes away and other players that aren't in your Faction can now break your base normally.

When you first place your claiming banner down your Base gets a Protection of 100% for 4 days. after that 4 days, your base will be 70% protected against other players ( if your base isn't Decaying ).

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